Who We Are

We are a team of professional translators led by Rossana Triaca, an Electronics Engineer who became a full-time translator over 15 years ago. We provide language, localization and translation services in all major languages, taking pride in the quality, linguistic accuracy and technical know-how showcased in everything we do.

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What We Do

We specialize in technical translations, particularly in the engineering, IT, media, and medical fields. Whether you need a website (globalization), a software or app (localization), or some complex document translated, we can deliver on time, on budget, and up to spec. Over the years, we've also built a network of trusted colleagues to tackle different specialty areas and provide additional services and languages.

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Our Approach

Although quality is always the key metric of our work, what's under the hood also matters a great deal, since having a repeatable translation process in place is essential to ensure consistency and a continuous improvement cycle, thereby minimizing rework.

We use the latest industry tools and practices to guarantee that the content you get is not only of high quality, but can also be leveraged immediately, in different ways and at any time.

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